The best pan-European utility data coverage for real estate.

Are you ready to take charge of your building‘s sustainability goals? As a property owner, manager, or tenant, unlocking your utility consumption data is the first step towards achieving your ESG targets. 

Near real-time utility consumption data

We provide near real-time utility consumption data from a vast network of providers, including data loggers for those hard-to-reach meters. With our platform we also offer actionable insights to reduce costs, lower your carbon footprint and hit ESG targets anywhere, at any time. Our data is available in GRESB formats for easy reporting. Get started on your data journey towards greener real estate! 


Achieve your ESG reporting and energy-saving goals with our smart metering services. Our solution collects utility data from smart meters and connects with data providers in all of Europe and the UK. With real-time data, actionable insights and GRESB-formatted reports, take control of your energy consumption today and for the future. 

Know how to connect

We have 100+ data connections in place with datahubs, DSOs, metering companies, smart metering solution providers, web portals, building management systems, data loggers & IoT devices – and are adding new ones daily. 

Create healthy spaces with indoor climate services

Providing optimal indoor conditions is a key differentiator in the real estate industry. hello energy offers a complete package that includes indoor climate sensors, installation or installation manuals and a dashboard with playlists for easy insight and communication on health and well-being items. Create a healthy and productive indoor environment that meets WELL criteria, stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your team has the best possible working conditions for maximum productivity and well-being. 

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