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Our renewable energy management system

Say hello to better monitoring, managing, and reporting

Strong property management is attractive to any potential stakeholders, particularly when it comes to sustainability credentials. Using hello energy’s renewable energy management system can reduce your building’s energy consumption by up to 40%, cut your carbon footprint by 30% and provide a lasting return on investment. Not only that, but it will improve occupant comfort and satisfaction.

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What can our energy management system do for you?

Using hello energy’s renewable energy management system gives you tangible data in real-time. Getting to net-zero isn’t something that you can do alone. Our solution helps you to engage your stakeholders by providing insights and identifying where you can improve on sustainability. It helps you to track progress and share insights to keep all stakeholders on board.

Lower energy costs

The main aim of any property owner is to keep their energy costs down. Switching to renewable energy is the first step, but sometimes you need some extra insights to help you improve your sustainability credentials. Our solution is ideal for green property management, allowing you to visualise data which will help you to increase value, reduce operating costs, and enjoy greater returns.

Make better choices

Setting up your energy management system will give you the insights you need to make greener choices for your building. It provide value, two-fold. With real-time data at your fingertips, you can make decisions that better protect the environment and contribute to becoming a more responsible company. It also helps you provide a better service through improving investor value and tenant experience.

Engage your stakeholders

Whether you want to improve investor value or build a better relationship with your tenants through improved experience, our renewable energy management system gives you the power of data. With this information, you can take practical steps towards net-zero, improving the value of the property and helping tenants put ESG at the forefront of their own business, as well as creating a more comfortable environment.

Why you need a renewable energy management system

With all your energy sources tracked in one place, hello energy boosts your building’s performance by making monitoring, managing, and reporting your portfolio simple.

Unique solutions for unique needs

Using a renewable energy management system will allow you to monitor combined energy use from different sources. hello energy provides you with data insights, so you’ll be able to pinpoint problem areas, work on solutions and optimise your property’s unique energy requirements. 

Hybrid solutions

Nowadays, it’s not suitable to use just one form of renewable energy, and governments are changing what is required of each building. Mixing and matching between two different solutions, such as solar and wind, is complex. We help you track everything seamlessly and help you gain credits for certifications like GRESB, BREEAM, WELL, and Green Key.

Smart management

Using ‘smart’ technology helps to manage power sources and the distribution of power. Sensors and software give you real-time readings of localised power consumption on any device. You’ll get all the alerts and insights you need about whether you need to turn your power up and down or on and off.

The ultimate management solution

At hello energy, we offer building energy management software that helps identify and resolve issues of wasted energy so we can work together to work out the unique solutions you need. Our solution includes data services, indoor climate services, and screen services.


  • hello energy helps you access data through our network of data providers, giving you near real-time data from utilities. You’ll get the data you need to start benchmarking and make savings.
  • Our indoor climate sensors package will help you to meet WELL certification criteria for health and well-being items, and help you to create a healthy building with an optimal indoor climate.
  • Our turnkey screen service solution will allow you to showcase your sustainability achievements. We provide a package including screens, media players, installation, CMS, monitoring, guarantee, and maintenance.

Start saving on your energy bills by identifying the efficiency of your current systems, use the data provided to you for certification purposes and share it seamlessly through our API technology.

You can download our building energy management software on any device, and every time a piece of valuable data is collected, it’s stored automatically in the Cloud so you can view it at any time. We want to help you make a real impact by offering a platform with a beautiful design and actionable insights.

Quality energy data at your fingertips

  • Give investors and stakeholders quality data demonstrating the energy efficiency of your property.
  • Show your guests, employees, tenants, and stakeholders how you are keeping power costs down and improving your property’s sustainability.
  • Confidently share accurate real-time data with potential investors to make informed decisions based on quality data.

Monitor your renewable energy today

If you are ready to take the next step by installing our bespoke building energy management software to increase the efficiency of your property, you can request a brochure or whitepaper to find out more.