Create sustainability together

Join hello energy newest feature ‘sustainability challenges’ and let everybody in your building work together on going green!

One challenge each month

Ever won a game of soccer without engagement, collaboration, motivation, and fun? Probably not. Likewise, the sustainability game cannot be won without.  

With hello energy, your entire building community can now engage in monthly sustainability challenges. Together with all other hello energy users. The goal? Engage with your own impact. Learn how to decrease it. Get inspired. Collaborate. Motivate each other. Have fun. 

Switch off sustainability on challenge

Challenge accepted!

Ready, set, go (green)! The challenge has started. We help participants stay on the ball: in the hello community we’ll share regular progress updates, inspiring tips, and fun facts. 

This way, sustainability stays top of mind. 

Be part of the movement

Participants will never walk the green path alone. In the hello energy community, they can collaborate to make the most of every challenge. Ask questions, suggest new ideas, share learnings, discuss how to step your collective sustainability game, and stimulate each other to create a positive impact.   

Now sustainability grows from time consuming side activity to a fun, social, exciting, and integral part of your community.  

Create impact, together!

Even the smallest changes in behavior can have a big impact when we do it together. Let’s become sustainability heroes!  

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