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The Social Hub | Delft, the Netherlands

Circularity is the name of the game this month, and this hybrid hotel in the Netherlands is winning! 👀

Situated in the thriving district of Nieuw-Delft in the Netherlands, adjacent to the NS Station, The Social Hub (formerly The Student Hotel) offers its fifteenth hotel, perfectly positioned in the green heart of the city. Renowned for their innovative hybrid hospitality approach, The Social Hub combines upscale hotel amenities with exceptional short- and long-stay facilities.

Collaborating seamlessly, KCAP and BAM joined forces to oversee the design, utilising the latest digital techniques to orchestrate a cohesive process. Spanning an impressive 13,500 square meters, the ensemble encompasses 340 hotel rooms, a gym, a restaurant, a library, gaming and lounge area as well as conference facilities and co-working spaces. With its distinct architecture, The Social Hub Delft invigorates the surrounding neighbourhood, fostering a unique sense of togetherness among students, hotel guests and the vibrant city of Delft 🇳🇱

“We are very proud to be able to open our doors in the innovative and creative city of Delft. We see this new location as a lab to test a more circular economy. Circularity can be found in all common areas of the hotel. We continue to develop by inviting the universities and our own community to test the spaces together. We look forward to turning TSH into a lab to test circularity and sustainability.” said Charlie MacGregor, founder of The Social Hub.

The interior design of the entire hotel embodies circular design principles, embracing concepts of reuse, value preservation, and carbon footprint reduction. In a remarkable collaboration, The Social Hub has partnered with The Invisible Party to curate the interior design for their latest property in Delft ♻️

“From a sustainable perspective, we have worked with suppliers and materials that are circular, environmentally friendly or upcycled. An example is the impressive wall on entry; for this we made a recycled plastic wallcovering, designed with a Delft Blue colour theme to which we added a distinct The Student Hotel colour accent,” notes Vivian van Schagen, creative director of The Invisible Party.

Another shining showcase of what happens when like-minded stakeholders come together to create real impact in real estate. Shoutout to the #buildingheroes!

KCAP / The Social Hub / Amber Westerborg / The Good Plastic Company / Tineke Beunders / Marije Remigius / BAM Bouw en Techniek / Itziar Benedicto / Naomi Thellier de Poncheville / Melike Çatalgöl 

📸: Steve Herud 

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