Do your visitors know how sustainable you are? Do you want to get better marks on BREEAM and GRESB certifications? Say hello to your energy with our easy-to-use welcome package. You only need a few clicks to start visualizing your energy and activating your tenants – we take care of everything else. Fill in the order form below to get your own turn-key welcome package. And start showing off.

what's included?

hello energy (basic)

tool integration on multiple devices

43” TV-screen

including mount
and installation

data connection

with smart meters

playlist setup

with your preferred configuration


by a professional engineer


control your own playlist

€ 3.500

including the monthly costs (for the first year)

  • energy
  • transport
  • tips

frequently asked questions

How do I terminate the subscription?

The client signs a contract upon delivery in which, among others, they allow hello energy access to their data and in which they agree to the subscription to hello energy. After the first year, the client can terminate the contract per month by emailing

I got the welcome package as a gift. Am I stuck with a subscription now?

No, the first year of the subscription is free. After the first year, you can terminate the contract per month by emailing

How long does delivery of the total package take?

On average, between 8 and 12 weeks.

Does the welcome package fulfill any environmental demands, laws, et cetera?

Yes, with the welcome package you score points on almost all green certificates. Like BREEAM: because you show building information and sustainability information, and dynamic public transport information.

What else do I get out of this screen?

The hello energy screen helps your organization’s image: you show your visitors that you’re very serious and transparent about sustainability. Besides that, you activate your users.

My energy monitors aren’t smart meters, what do we do now?

We can provide you with smart meters, by upgrading your current ones or just getting you new ones. Placing smart meters for electricity is included in the welcome package, for your gas meter it depends on the kind of usage and on the request.

How much does it cost to connect my building management system to hello energy?

The costs for the connection and implementation of your building management system are €1.500,- and €10,- monthly.

Can I see more information than just gas and electricity usage?

Yes. By connecting with Kuijpers’ Erbis system, we can also analyze the data of your solar panels, your geothermal heating, and many more.

Can I get a smaller/larger screen than 40’’?

Yes, you can. This will change the price:

  • 22” screen: – €700
  • 32” screen: – €300
  • 40” screen: standard
  • 48” screen: + €500
  • 55” screen: + € 1.100

These prices include a flat TV mount, delivery costs and installation at your building. The screens have a built-in media player.

My building already has a narrowcasting system. Can you connect hello energy to it?

Yes, that’s possible for most narrowcasting systems. In that case, we will get you feeds that you can display. Please let us know which narrowcasting system you use so we can find out if and how you can use our feeds.

I’ve already got a screen, can I use that one?

Yes, that’s possible. It’s a customization. Please contact us.

Can the screen be connected via WiFi?

Yes, that’s possible, provided that it’s a stable connection and not a hotspot. It can’t be a connection on which you have to log in again every day. Please note streaming film takes quite a bit of bandwidth. We prefer a fixed connection.

What do you need to connect the screen?

You need to have power and an internet connection. If you don’t have those on the spot you’d like the screen, you will need to make sure that there will be electricity and internet. The costs for providing you with those are not included.

Can the feeds on the screens be in our own style, using our branded colors?

Yes, that’s possible. It’s a customization that will cost you more. How much more depends on your wishes.

How do I reach you if I’ve got a different question?

You can call us at +31 88 436 74 00 or send us an email at

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