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Woodside building for technology and design | Clayton, Australia

A new #buildinghero is ready to bring in the next generation of impact makers. Want to see where the magic happens? 👀 

Monash University & Lendlease teamed up for the Woodside Building for Technology and Design – Australia’s 1st Climate Active Carbon Neutral certified construction. Achieving Passive House certification, it’s the largest Passive House project in the entire Southern Hemisphere! 🇦🇺

With help from Grimshaw & Aurecon’s integrated design approach, the building hosts immersive & interactive technology, plus additive & advanced manufacturing lab spaces for students & researchers to innovate cutting-edge sustainable energy tech. 

Woodside features:

⚡ Greatly reduced energy usage & operating costs
🌡️ Superb thermal comfort, indoor air quality & occupant well-being
🔥 Heat recovery ventilation & continuous insulation throughout
🤓 Structural health monitoring systems & thermal piles helping students learn from the building itself

Let’s save our planet! Great work.

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