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41X | Melbourne, Australia

With properties like these, Melbourne is not shy about showing the world it wants to be a leader in sustainable real estate 👀

Purchased by the Australian Institute of Architects in 1994, 41X’s inception goes back to 2006, when the Institute commissioned a detailed feasibility study for the location. After much deliberation, it was concluded that the site would be redeveloped into a small office tower that would exemplify Australian architecture and boast high sustainability ambitions 🇦🇺

The design embodies a hybrid model, inviting public and commercial use while fitting perfectly into Melbourne’s cityscape. Despite the challenge of the small site, the building’s design showcases innovation and inclusivity, with a strong focus on featuring a variety of sustainability solutions. 41X is a unique addition to the city of Melbourne, accommodating 21 floors and creating a distinguished vertical business community.

41X is the first commercial office building in the city to target carbon neutrality over its 30 year operating lifespan. It furthermore achieved a 5-star Green Star design rating 🏆 The project includes extensive bicycle parking and shower and change facilities instead of car parking. Additionally, the facade system achieves a 40% higher efficiency than what is required under the BCA (building code of Australia). An exceptional feature of 41X is an AIA initiative for a ‘Sustainability Charter’, which assists in facilitating the appropriate sustainability targets over the operational life cycle of the property.

“We believe this is the first strata-titled commercial building in Australia that incorporates a sustainability charter binding owners and tenants to the goal of achieving carbon neutrality” – David Parken, former CEO at Australian Institute of Architects.

Brilliant work by the Australian #buildingheroes!

Hickory / AECOM / Michael Li / Lyons / David Parken / Australian Institute of Architects / Adrian Stanic / AECOM (incorporating Davis Langdon, An AECOM Company) / Aurecon / Hassell / ​​Green Building Council of Australia / Peter Hindmarch / Paul Berkemeir

📸: Hickory

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