The game-changing engagement solution for
net-zero real estate

hello energy connects building owners & users to create positive environmental impact, deliver green value for investors & tenants and involve everyone in sustainability. Our software enables you to access in-depth sustainability data, build an engaged community around energy & carbon savings & drive real estate to net-zero, together.

Meet our clients

How do I build an environmentally conscious commercial or residential real estate?

You and your stakeholders have worked hard and invested a lot of time and resources into your stunning (new) building. Now it’s time to turn it into an inspiring hub of positive environmental impact and show the world. 

How do I ensure a higher ESG score?

Earn unique additional credits for certifications like GRESB, BREEAM and WELL by starting a dialogue around sustainability. Investors want it. Tenants are demanding it. The world needs it. 

How do I engage all stakeholders and tenants towards ESG?

Sustainability engagement is the winning strategy for your ESG programme. Activate positive behavioural change and create a community centred around sustainability. Improve tenant satisfaction, save energy and carbon, reduce operational costs and increase asset value. Do it together. 

How do I maximise ESG data coverage in my real estate portfolio?

Real energy and carbon savings start with knowing your consumption – get tenant consent to share their data and unlock all the possibilities it has to offer. hello energy is your one-stop shop for collecting 100% utility data to benchmark, improve investor value, share insights and reach your ESG goals. 

The benefits of hello energy

Build a journey involving all key stakeholders towards your net-zero vision
Achieve full ESG data coverage and tenant engagement for all asset classes
Score higher on ESG Certifications by gaining unique credits
Engage your audience with actions, challenges and informative content​
Boost your building’s efficiency, savings and operations with data-driven insights

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