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APF – Le Mirage | Utrecht, Netherlands

‘The real estate landscape is constantly changing. Excelling requires bravura and opportunism based on rock-solid principles.’

We couldn’t agree more with APF’s statement 🙌 Due to many years of experience, they are able to spot interesting investment opportunities from more than a mile away.

‘Le Mirage’ on the Europaboulevard in #Utrecht, acquired for their core-plus fund, is a perfect example of this. We’re proud to present another building featuring hello energy as the primary sustainability engagement tool.

It was designed by the American architect firm KPF. It has 21 floors and a lettable floor area of 18,000 m². The special shape and the height of the office building help emphasise its status as a landmark of the city.
💠 It’s equipped with energy label A and a BREEAM Very Good score.
💠 The entrance forms the heart of the building, with different lunch facilities and a grab & go concept with the best coffee in town for the occupants.
💠 It’s also where the tenants of the building get to interact with sustainability via real-time & actionable insights based on their energy consumption.

Congrats on an awesome investment APF International!

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