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Arizona State University Hayden Library Reinvention

Arizona State University Hayden Library Reinvention

This library was renovated to become an inspiring intersection of human diversity, history and environmental stewardship! đź’š

Located in Temple, Arizona, Hayden Library was built in 1966 at the heart of Arizona State University’s main campus. The project to reinvent the library included a widespread renovation of the original Charles Trumbull Hayden Library, a mid-century modern icon, as well as adding 2,797 sqm of modern and flexible university classroom program and building infrastructure.

The new build includes dedicated space for community gatherings, multiple points of access to optimise indoor-outdoor connectivity, new thematic neighbourhoods with improved navigation and research discovery as well as the removal of up to one million books from shelves to maximise space for students to study, work, and interact.

The reinvented Hayden Library was awarded LEED Platinum and received an AIA COTE Top Ten Award for its design and environmental performance. By renovating the library instead of destroying it, 95% of the most carbon-intensive elements of the existing structure remained in place. Upgraded glazing, interior lighting and HVAC systems resulted in the new library reducing energy expenses by 47% compared to the existing facility. What else makes this building so green?

Energy demands are also partially met by a 249.5 kW rooftop solar array, which offsets more than 13% of annual energy costs. A robust building management system is in place to monitor occupancy in order to adjust humidity, lighting and temperature. Furthermore, low-flow water fixtures and fittings are used throughout the property, resulting in 37% water savings from baseline. In the future, non-potable water will also be provided to all water closets and urinals and will provide makeup water to mechanical systems, while potable water will be provided to all other fixtures.

A model for all libraries across the world to follow! Outstanding, #buildingheroes.

Ayers Saint Gross Arizona Board of Regents Affiliated Engineers, Inc. Holder Construction KPFF Consulting Engineers TRUEFORM landscape architecture studio Fisher Engineering Inc. Rider Levett Bucknall McKAY CONANT HOOVER, INC. ADA Professional Team, LLC Rimkus Building Consultants Lerch Bates Inc. Wood, Patel & Associates, Inc. Brooke Taff, Certified Professional Business Developer Steve Yanke James O’Donnell 

📸: The American Institute of Architects (AIA) 

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