Release notes

Benchmark and portfolio feature page improved

In this build cycle, we focused on updating the benchmark feature.

  • Add your own goal
    Do you already have a roadmap towards Paris Proofing your real estate? Or are you just getting started? Defining goals can help you take it one step at a time. With hello energy, you can now set and communicate your ambition. The new benchmark page will make tracking your progress very easy.
  • Portfolio comparison
    Want to find out how the energy consumption in your building compares to other buildings in your portfolio? With the portfolio benchmark you can select up to three buildings to see how their consumption compares.

What else is new?

  • Updated look & feel
    The new benchmark page comes with a new look & feel. The new design not only looks appealing, but it also paints a clear picture of how you measure up against other buildings or the market average.
  • Benchmark slide for narrowcasting
    The all-new-looking portfolio benchmark will also become available as a slide for narrowcasting. If you currently use the hello energy playlist for narrowcasting, and you want to add this new slide, be sure to contact us!

This update will be available in May 2022.

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