New book ‘The Nowhere Office’ questions traditions pillars of work

In The Nowhere Office, Julia Hobsbawm says that as we return to post-pandemic working life, fixed time and place will no longer be the defining pillars of work for traditional office workers.

The premise of the book is that the pandemic has proven that going back full-time to an office may be neither productive economically nor culturally desirable.Instead, Julia Hobsbawm argues we should embrace the World Health Organization’s complete definition of health, and focus on Social Health in the workplace. She also suggests that the UK should raise productivity and engagement through a Purpose-led agenda which acknowledges that work-life and home-life must be far more aligned in a hybrid model where possible.

Her suggestions offer a radical alternative to ‘business as usual’ when lockdown ends, including the way the government handles work-related policy. Julia Hobsbawm suggests it is unlikely that there will be or should be a full return to presenteeism-based office life, and that leadership and management culture must embrace this change or perpetuate a cycle of low productivity and epidemic workplace stress.
Want to know the details? The book will soon be available for purchase here.

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