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Bosco Verticale | Milan, Italy

The days of concrete jungles are dwindling. As Milan shows us, the real estate industry can bring the biophilic city to life 🌿

Completed in 2014 by Stefano Boeri Architetti, Bosco Verticale (“Vertical Forest”) is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. The integration of botanical elements into 44 storeys across two towers serves as a true inspiration of how we can make our cities both beautiful & carbon free.

The two residential towers house 2,280 m2 of vegetation, with two trees, eight shrubs & 40 bushes for every user. What are some of the key perks of this biophilic model?

🌳 The green façade absorbs polluting particles & captures carbon while simultaneously producing oxygen & improving air quality. The façade also results provides increased insulation against outdoor temperatures, designed to achieve much lower energy consumption than the typical Milanese building.

🕊 The building supports biodiversity by providing a vertical urban oasis for birds and other wildlife. Additionally, it combats the ‘urban heat island effect’ – reducing the need for cooling capacity & making the surrounding environment absorb less solar radiation.

☀️ The shading from the façade provides natural temperature control, with some residents relying solely on natural ventilation to achieve optimal indoor comfort. In especially hot temperatures, an underfloor passive-cooling system fed by groundwater also helps mitigate the possibility of overheating.

These #buildingheroes are showing us how its done!

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