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Cardia & Bouwinvest – Floriadehof | Zoetermeer, Netherlands

Just a stone’s throw away from a beautiful park and conveniently located near shops: this residential care home is a safe haven to connect, relax and receive the best of care. 🌱
Floriadehof is a modern care home in Zoetermeer where Cardia houses 64 people with dementia. Bouwinvest is the owner of the building.
The facilities are modern with lots of attention for personal care for the residents, sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.
In this building, the latest technology is to create optimal performance: from solar panels to a heat pump.  enables both the building managers as well as the residents to stay informed on sustainability with simple ‘explanimations’: visual videos with short pieces of information on the measures taken in the building, that are also displayed throughout the lobby and reception area.
It is the first building in the healthcare portfolio of Bouwinvest using hello energy. Their Dutch Institutional Healthcare Fund (bpfBOUW)
believes investing in the healthcare sector provides good long-term prospects, both financial and social, due to the increasing demand for care homes and care solutions.

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