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Transforming a landmark office building into a sustainable haven

MB4, one of the largest office buildings in Lisbon, dating back to the eighties, underwent a remarkable transformation to make it fit for the 21st century. Located in the prestigious business area of Lisbon, MB4 serves as a flagship example of inclusive amenities, environmental impact reduction and employee well-being.  

hello energy partnered with Savills Portugal and Avignon Capital to enhance MB4’s sustainability credentials and create a remarkable building experience. 

Embracing sustainability and engaging stakeholders

With the goal of showcasing MB4’s full potential and impressive sustainability features, Savills and Avignon Capital sought a comprehensive tool that could engage all building stakeholders. They needed a solution that would create awareness, stimulate tenant participation in reducing energy consumption and enable easy reporting on environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics.

A holistic engagement package

To enable MB4’s sustainable transformation, we delivered an initial engagement package that included our hello energy software, seamless data connections with electricity, gas, water and indoor climate systems as well as touch screens in the lobby and an extra screen on the meeting room floor.  

This comprehensive solution allowed MB4 to leverage real-time data and present engaging energy insights to tenants and visitors. 

A next-level building experience and sustainability

The implementation of hello energy at MB4 created a profound impact on the building’s stakeholders and sustainability goals:

Creating awareness and encouraging tenant participation: Guests and tenants are welcomed by an impressive lobby featuring interactive screens displaying energy insights powered by hello energy. These engaging displays raise awareness among occupants and motivate them to reduce their own energy consumption. 

Engaging content and sustainability metrics: With hello energy, MB4 provides daily engaging content and insights across various devices. This includes sustainability metrics, real-time weather updates, public transport information. The screens also showcase the building’s eco-friendly features such as hybrid fleets, solar panels and air quality monitoring. 

Integrating latest technology to reduce carbon footprint: hello energy‘s software seamlessly integrates with the latest technology, enabling MB4 to optimise its operations and reduce its carbon footprint. 

Enhancing BREEAM in-use and WELL certifications: The implementation of hello energy earns MB4 extra credits (2.5%) towards its BREEAM-in-use certification. It also contributes to achieving WELL certifications, further highlighting the building’s commitment to occupant well-being and environmental sustainability. 

Efficient ESG reporting: hello energy‘s reporting features facilitate ESG due diligence, allowing Savills and Avignon Capital to measure and communicate the building’s environmental impact effectively. 

Benefits for the building’s stakeholders

The adoption of hello energy‘s software at MB4 has resulted in numerous benefits for the building’s stakeholders:

Engagement and satisfaction

Our software solution effectively engages tenants and other stakeholders, creating a more connected and satisfied community within the building.

Attractive qualities for tenants

The sustainable and technologically advanced features offered by MB4 and powered by hello energy attract more tenants to Savills offices, leading to increased profit per square meter.

Enhanced impact metrics

Our software's ESG reporting features enable better measurement of environmental impact, fostering improved decision-making and the ability to track progress effectively.

Growing network of buildings

By setting a new standard with MB4, hello energy paves the way for more impactful transformations in other buildings within the network, encouraging active tenant communities and sustainable practices.

Results and achievements

The implementation of hello energy and MB4’s commitment to sustainability have yielded impressive results: 

BREEAM in-use certification: MB4 achieved BREEAM in-use certification, earning an additional 2.5% credit thanks to the integration of our software. 

Highest rent per square meter in Lisbon: MB4’s sustainability enhancements and exceptional building experience have positioned it as a desirable office space, commanding the highest rent per square meter in Lisbon. 

Energy savings: Through the utilisation of hello energy’s software and data-driven insights, MB4 achieved energy savings of up to 3.5%, amounting to approximately €14,000 annually. 

We have integrated hello energy as an engagement tool to involve our tenants in the daily information flow of what happens in the building, and how they too can create impact with simple measures to save on energy.  

hello energy helps us to make sustainability more tangible and actionable. It’s a true game-changer for us and the real estate industry, because it shows how we can make an impact in buildings together, in a way that’s very visual and easy to understand for our tenants and visitors.

Nuno Fideles, Savills Portugal

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