Building heroes

Catalyst | Washington, USA

Introducing Catalyst: a modern living lab for sustainable development & the embodiment of stakeholder collaboration for net zero carbon 🌿

Located in East Washington State, Catalyst is situated in Spokane’s new South Landing “eco district” called the HUB. Its various design features qualify Catalyst as one of the biggest zero-energy buildings in North America, as well as one of the first zero carbon properties to be certified by the International Living Future Institute 🏆 The 5-storey building functions as a living laboratory for new sustainability tech, materials, construction, operational techniques and design. 

“It is the beginning of what we think will be the transformation of the construction industry, moving away from the more carbon intensive materials like concrete and steel, and towards mass timber as the best choice when making a carbon neutral building” – Michael Green, principal of MGA | Michael Green Architecture

At Catalyst you can find:

⚡ An interactive BMS allowing Catalyst to reduce its energy use by managing consumption and balancing on-site energy demand during peak load times. Catalyst also makes use of on-site renewable energy generation via photovoltaic arrays on the building’s terrace, battery and thermal storage.

🪵 Broad application of KATERRA mass timber helping to produce a net neutral environmental impact by avoiding the use of steel and concrete – offsetting roughly 5,000 metric tons of carbon, equal to taking 1,100 cars off the road for 1 year.

💧Bio-swales – that is, channels for concentrating surface runoff and recharging groundwater – and sophisticated water retention systems for reducing water consumption.

📟 Hundreds of smart sensors installed throughout that track air quality, ambient conditions, occupancy levels and more, all in real-time.

Keep fighting the good fight, #buildingheroes


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Building heroes

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