Decoding the impact of temperature swings with Advanced Insights

Going green shouldn’t be a guessing game. That’s why we offer user-friendly software that simplifies energy management. Now, with Advanced Insights, you gain in-depth information about energy use, including its correlation with outside temperatures. This empowers you to understand how temperature swings influence your consumption and make smart decisions for a greener future.


Temperature matters

Did you know that when the outdoor temperature drops by 1°C, heating energy consumption increases by 5-10%? Temperature fluctuations significantly impact building energy usage. Understanding this link is crucial for optimising how you use your HVAC systems, lighting, and ventilation, leading to informed decisions and reduced costs.


Analyse and adjust

Advanced Insights acts as your personal energy-saving assistant. It empowers you to analyse energy use alongside temperature data, pinpoint areas for improvement, and adjust settings to save energy and money. User-friendly graphs and charts help you identify consumption patterns, spot trends, and explore opportunities for efficiency gains, ultimately fueling continuous improvement.


Spotting saving opportunities

Compare outside temperatures with energy use to uncover savings potential. Address insulation issues or upgrade equipment to reduce costs, maintain comfort, and minimise environmental impact.


Thrive sustainably with confidence. Click below to learn more about how hello energy can help you navigate the world of sustainable real estate.

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