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White paper

March 29, 2023

Challenge yourself

Motivate your building community to join sustainability and learn how to meet the great challenge of sustainability in your building with challenges themselves.
White paper

October 4, 2022

The tenant sustainability engagement playbook

What springs a building to life? Without its tenants, a property is simply a dead asset. However, their daily activities in it have an impact on our precious natural environment – and thus on your building’s sustainability ambitions. How can you collaborate with them to manage this impact, and blossom a truly net-zero carbon building?
White paper

May 17, 2022

People in property

At their most essential level, buildings serve the key function to house and protect their occupants. But that’s not all they do. Buildings tell a story and are an extension of our (company) values. How can offices best reflect human values and create a healthy place for both wellbeing and productivity?