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EDGE – Valley | Amsterdam, Netherlands

This long-awaited development in Amsterdam arrives with a daring combination of urban living and the natural environment – and does so with style! 👀

You won’t be able to miss Valley, delivered by EDGE and located on Beethovenstraat in the Zuidas district of Amsterdam. Offering a sustainable working, living and recreational space, Valley is leading the movement to transform Zuidas into an even more dynamic area than ever before.

Featuring an abundance of greenery combined with a stone finishing, the building showcases the evolution of city life and how a densely populated urban environment can become humanised and ecological 🌿

Valley’s green design has already helped it achieve a high GPR Building result (8), a negative EPC score of -0.3 and BREEAM Official Excellent. Over the course of a year, the energy generated will exceed the amount of energy consumed…making it energy-positive! ⚡

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