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Environmental Nature Center and Preschool, California

Environmental Nature Center and Preschool in California

Today’s children will have many challenges for the future. This amazing building educates them first-hand about sustainability! 🌟

Located in Newport Beach, California, The Environmental Nature Center (ENC) was the first LEED Platinum building in Orange County. The design of the property was linked together with the non-profit’s mission to provide environmental education directly through hands-on experience. The 834 sqm interpretive center inspires its visitors by displaying green strategies focussed on environmental responsibility, sustainable best practices and an ecological education 🏫

Developed in collaboration with the Center, the ENC Nature Preschool educates 72 children every day and engages their parents in active learning. It represents a model nature preschool and provides a research forum on early childhood and environmental education.

The ENC Nature Preschool also has a LEED NC Platinum certification and earned the Living Building Challenge’s Petal Certification, making it one of the first projects in the region to achieve this standard of health and sustainable excellence. With its passive and efficient design, the ENC campus serves as a living lab and educational instrument for smart green design and conservation.

What allowed both projects to receive such high environmental distinction? PV solar panels supply 100% of the ENC’s power. Other sustainable features include waterless urinals, dual-flush toilets and low-flow fixtures that minimise potable water by 15,000 gallons annually. Native, drought-tolerant plants eliminate the need for irrigation, while bioswales and rainwater harvesting techniques capture all stormwater runoff 🚰

“[ENC] introduces kids to responsible sustainability at a young age and is a place where people will want to send their children. It does all the right things—water, biophilia, resilience, and strong material choices.” – The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Jury comment

Inspiring and educating the youth to solve tomorrow’s challenges! Great work to the #buildingheroes involved.

Environmental Nature Center LPA, Inc. Consolidated Contracting Roy Decker Vivian Loftness Andrea Love, AIA, LEED Fellow U.S. Green Building Council The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Vanessa Sener Kerri Arkilic Richard D’Amato AIA LEED AP

📸: LPA, Inc.

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