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Etsy’s Headquarters | USA

This month, it’s all about zero waste. This building and it’s users show us how it’s truly done ♻️

Located in Brooklyn, New York, Etsy’s headquarters was originally built in 1926, expanded in 1955, until it was sold and converted into a mixed-use office and retail space in 2013. The wide range of people coming together to create this amazing building is nearly innumerable. They included many of the internal Etsy teams, such as Workplace Ecology & Design, Sustainability & Social Innovation, Culture & Engagement, Global Food, Brand Design, Audio Visual, and IT, among many others, as well as the the design firm Gensler, dozens of local artists and Etsy sellers along with hundreds of other stakeholders. Together, these heroes created a space that embodies community, craft, and sustainability.

The renovation, carried out by Gensler,  was designed to be zero waste within both its construction and its ongoing operations. During construction, 95% of the waste generated from building the office was kept out of landfills. Etsy formalised its zero waste vision by publicly announcing their commitment to run zero waste operations globally, and since then, the office has been certified as a Zero Waste Facility at the Platinum level 🏆 John Mulling, Design Director at Gensler, notes the hard work of the many #buildingheroes involved:

“This project is a certified Living Building Challenge Materials Petal building, which took a Herculean effort, vetting more than 1,500 materials for Red List chemicals. It’s one of the most amazing undertakings for the project. Also, engaging local artists and makers—the project included over 750 maker pieces, including lighting and furniture throughout.”

It’s truly an intersection of people and planet. Former Global Director of Workplace Ecology and Design, Josh Wise, summed up Etsy’s attitude towards putting its people first:

“Our design principles were influenced largely by our views on the nature of work itself. We envision a world where everyone — including the 850+ people who make up our workforce — has access to economically, socially and environmentally lasting and fulfilling work. Using direct feedback from our employees, we’ve crafted a space that’s designed for how they want to work: one that’s open, beautiful and inspiring, with specialty areas allowing for collaboration and creativity as well as focus and solitude.”

This is what coming together to make an impact is all about! Shoutout to these and the many other stakeholders involved:
Devon (Douglas) Leahy David Briefel Rocco Giannetti, FAIA Amanda Carroll Stephanie Lan Thomas Lanzelotti John Budesa Josh Wise AMA Group JRM Construction Management

📸: Emily Andrews / International Living Future Institute

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