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GRESB Real Estate Assessment

Say hello to better sustainability credentials

Sustainability is at the forefront of every property investor’s mind. Tenants are putting aside buildings that burn through energy and looking into options that put the planet first. Using hello energy, you can earn credits for the GRESB Real Estate Assessment, ensuring your own property is more energy-efficient and receiving actionable insights to share with your tenants, taking a proactive stance on going green.

The benefits of GRESB Real Estate Assessment

A GRESB Real Estate Assessment provides you with measurable insights into your property’s sustainability. In turn, this brings you a wide range of other advantages:

Engage your stakeholders

Seeing is believing and stakeholders like to have the relevant data at hand to map risks, opportunities and impact analysis. Not only does GRESB data keep your stakeholders informed, it can help attract new stakeholders.

Compare your performance

There’s always room for improvement in energy efficiency, and understanding your portfolio’s performance means you can track progress year by year and check the effectiveness of your ESG strategies with competitors in your industry.

Uncover risks and opportunities

Knowledge is power and with your real estate assessment, you can identify hidden financial risks and opportunities to improve your organisation’s sustainability before they become unmanageable.

Cut bills and do your bit

ESG reporting is here to stay and by showing your dedication to sustainability you can attract higher-quality tenants, support them in their environmental goals, cut energy costs and show you are a responsible company.

Gain your GRESB accreditation

Stay up to date with real estate sustainability trends

Keeping up-to-date with real estate sustainability trends and staying competitive both start with benchmarking your own performance. The journey to becoming net-zero involves all your stakeholders and monitoring your progress as you go.

GRESB provides that all-important benchmark to assess and compare performance against peers, as well as giving actionable insights to demonstrate how you can improve your property’s ESG performance. It serves to track performance and give a baseline in the industry, and enables you to report your performance to investors and stakeholders.

Developing an ESG strategy

Ensuring a GRESB certification means you have to start proving your company and properties conform with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).

This measures the ethical and sustainable impact of an investment in a company or business and is becoming a top priority for stakeholders across industries. Global sustainable investment now total more than $30 trillion, according to Mckinsey, an increase of 68 percent since 2014.

The GRESB Real Estate Assessment is currently the global standard for ESG benchmarking and reporting for listed property companies, private property funds, developers, and investors that contribute directly to real estate. Putting together a strong ESG strategy will help put your portfolio on the map.

The value of GRESB

The real estate companies at the top of the pile are the ones with a strong GRESB certification and who follow the ESG standards to ensure they have properties that are sustainable and keep costs low. Each year, GRESB assesses participants around the world and provides recognition to those who are five-star rated and have become the leaders in their sector. It represents a real estate value of US$5.7 trillion.

Working hard on your GRESB score using efficient software that provides you insights into your energy levels can put you at the top of the list in receiving one of these recognitions. With GRESB recognition, you’ll help to protect shareholder value and future-proof your company by improving your sustainability performance.


How hello energy can help you

Developing an ESG strategy can be challenging, but at hello energy we make it easy for you. Every property is unique and there are many guidelines for different aspects of sustainability that you need to find. You can’t do it all at once.


Identify areas for improvement

Your ESG strategy is at the forefront of your GRESB assessment and finding ways to strengthen your sustainability model can be difficult without the proper insights. By using hello energy’s SaaS technology, you can clearly see how your energy consumption is affecting your GRESB score and find ways to improve it.

Measure your ESG performance with hello energy


Identify whether your strategy is working with GRESB’s guidelines by measuring the overall performance on our platform. After making a change to your model, you may want to see how this affects your score, and you can use our service to see the change in your performance straight away.


The tools for your GRESB Real Estate Assessment

When you partner with hello energy’s platform, you can use a wide range of different services to help you balance your property’s sustainability.


Data collection

Collect data from each of your properties so you can keep track of the energy consumption at any point in the year.


Store your data in the cloud to keep it secure so you can review it whenever you like.


Instantly display your building’s sustainability data in a user-friendly format and share it with potential investors.


Download information about your energy consumption on a number of devices to look at it on the go.

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Quality data at your fingertips

Sustainability has become one of the deciding factors for investment decisions and both qualitative and quantitative data are essential to get a clear overview of sustainability at your company or building. Those without information on their ESG performance will fall short. Complete and correct data is incredibly important and can be the make or break for your company’s net worth. With hello energy, exchange incomplete and inaccurate reporting for strong insights into your ESG performance through high-quality data. Once gathered, you can share the sustainability data with potential investors and begin your journey with them.

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