hello energy featured in KPMG Real Estate overview 2021

KPMG Real estate overview

The 6th annual edition of KPMG’s Real Estate Innovations Overview has just been released. It features hello energy as one of the platforms that improve the connectivity between stakeholders.

The purpose of the publication is to inform the Real Estate and Construction sector about innovations that are emerging and developing in the sector. hello energy was selected to be included in this edition as one of the innovative platforms around the world that can help improve connectivity, make a sustainable impact and offers a tool to enable dialogue between stakeholders.

The report says: “While the pandemic has an evident impact on the importance of safety and hygiene, integrating our physical and digital environment has become pivotal. Our industry moves towards a greater focus on end-to-end user experience in which a building becomes more than a place to e.g. live or work; transforming to an integrated environment in which the provision of services complementing real estate assets is central to living, working and building. Additionally, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) measures are already a key topic for many companies in the industry; sustainable and ESG innovations may become essential for true operationalization of ESG and sustainability.”

 “hello energy had caught our attention in our search for innovations in the Real Estate sector. We are pleased to include the as one of the global innovations captured in our publication.”

As part of the overview, KPMG has created an online interactive innovations dashboard that presents statistics and individual company data. You can take a look at the interactive innovations dashboard here.

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