hello energy in Top 100 PropTechMap Europe

Proptech 100 Europe

PropTechMap Europe 2021: Top 100 presents the most innovative technology companies changing the real estate landscape. It is presented by BUILTWORLD in cooperation with PwC. hello energy is proud to be featured in the top #20 of the category ‘Building Operations.’

The top 100 is a selection from over 500 submissions this year. hello energy is featured as one of the innovators in the category of ‘building operations’. Why? because hello energy enables real estate companies to create energy-positive buildings. By engaging and aligning their stakeholders (such as sustainability managers, building managers and tenants) with actionable insights, they can boost their buildings’ performance, earn credit for green building certifications, increase their investor value and unlock the power of their ESG data.

There are a total of 5 categories featured in the PropTechMap:

  • Invest & Finance
  • Asset Management
  • Building Operations
  • Market
  • Smart City Solutions

The best 30 companies will advance to the semi-finals for the online pitch in July in front of 10.000 professionals. Stay tuned!

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