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Hines – Liberty Tower | Milan, Italy

Part of a complete renovation signed by Hines Italy in the heart of Milan, The Liberty Tower is a newly restored iconic building situated on Piazza del Liberty. Bellissimo!
The building, dating back to the fifties, has been ‘gently restyled’ into a contemporary mixed-used space and has already obtained a LEED Gold Pre-certified status.
Our clients Hines Italy & Savills Investment Management teamed up with hello energy to visualise the many sustainable details in this building:
✅ The building reuses and even generates its own energy using solar panels, groundwater wells and heat pumps.

✅ Measures for a modern workplace include daylight optimization, motion sensors, climate control and air treatment, ensuring an optimal and healthy environment.

✅ A green roof and nesting boxes make the building a happy host for the city’s wildlife and ecosystem.
Amazing work! 

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