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HNK | Den Bosch, Netherlands

The HNK office in Den Bosch is a stunning example of adaptability and innovation 🙌

Den Bosch, known as the Venice of the Netherlands, is the gate to the southern part of our country. Between the modern and historic industrial hotspots, it’s the perfect place to settle as a business with lots of opportunities for networking and growing.

HNK, Het Nieuwe Kantoor BV is a concept by NSI that allows tenants to flexibly scale up or down and choose an office space that perfectly fits their needs. By providing high-quality customer-centric service, tenants can fully focus on their work and maximise their productivity.
hello energy helps translate HNK’s ESG ambitions into visual touchpoints with daily sustainability tips for visitors and tenants, right next to the reception desk. We also help with;

• Giving actionable insights in the lobby and reception areas with fun & inspiring content for visitors and tenants
• Giving all tenants their own login to hello energy, so they can see how the building is performing
• Collecting and showing real-time data of the building
• Helping HNK to benchmark the performance of their portfolio against similar buildings

Together with TPEX International, HNK has installed a detection system to monitor the occupancy of its buildings. In doing so, HNK ensures a healthy, safe and optimal use of its spaces. hello energy assists in this by visualising the gathered data on screens in the reception area.

HNK believes that people can work in the most optimal way when they have an inspiring and professional working environment with a good atmosphere. All 11 HNK locations feature top-notch services, including comfortable desks, modern office spaces, a coffee bar and a warm welcome by the HNK manager.

We’re proud to work with this frontrunner in real estate!

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