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Kö-Bogen II | Düsseldorf, Germany

30,000 plants later, Düsseldorf is bringing ecology back to the city with the largest green façade in the continent 🌳

Located in the heart of Düsseldorf, Kö-Bogen II marks a radical architectural shift away from the traditional urban design of its neighbours. In partnership with Dr. Karl-Heinz Strauch from Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin (formerly Technische Fachhochschule Berlin) and other outstanding #buildingheroes, the botanical concept brings a (literal) breath of fresh air to the city.

With an ecological benefit equivalent to 80 fully grown deciduous trees, the planting design aims to renew the built environment with people-oriented planning and offers an urban response to climate change. The vegetation provides a cool, healthy microclimate by protecting against solar radiation, reducing urban heat, binding CO2, storing moisture, mitigating noise pollution and supporting biodiversity 🌿

Thanks to its ecological impact Kö-Bogen II has already been awarded the highest level DGNB Platinum pre-certificate, supergreen® 🏆

“We need courage and dedication to transform our cities into a more climate-friendly future,” – Christoph Ingenhoven

What an inspiration project!

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