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Life Sciences Building Seattle, USA

This award-winning building embodies the virtues of its hosts: scientific discovery, collaboration, active learning, and environmental sustainability.

With Washington’s largest STEM program, the University of Washington’s 1950s-era greenhouse and associated buildings needed an upgrade. Its replacement – the new 25,000 sq ft greenhouse and Life Science Building (LSB) – provides open, modular, high-density labs designed for collaborative and interdisciplinary research in an exquisite, environmentally sustainable surrounding.

LSB employs the latest technologies for energy conservation, which involves radiant systems such as chilled beams and chilled waves for heating and cooling of the labs and other indoor spaces. This tech is additionally paired with radiant floor heating systems, natural ventilation cooling and a high-performance building envelope.

“The Life Sciences Building is exemplary in the power of the university sustainability fund model in driving student participation, ideation, and impact in the built environment. The UW Campus Sustainability Fund student Committee supported deep collaborations between students, faculty, and staff by allocating over $310k to applicant teams for some of the most innovative aspects of the UW Life Science Building” said Kyle McDermott, Program Manager, Campus Sustainability Fund. 

He went on to explain what makes the building so sustainable through active collaborative:

“From an RO/DI reuse system that irrigates the greenhouses, to innovative Building Integrated and Rooftop Photovoltaic technologies, students gained ‘real world’ experience with design, planning, project management, and sustainable building technologies that can now be modeled for other projects on UW’s campus and elsewhere.” 

A shining example of brilliant minds putting their talents and efforts together to create something truly special!

📸: Kevin Scott 

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