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M6B2 Tower of Biodiversity | France

Celebrating the stakeholders behind the M6B2 Tower of Biodiversity! 🌿🏢 

Hats off to the visionary owners, brilliant architects, meticulous designers, skilled engineers, and talented botanists who made the M6B2 Tower a reality. This architectural gem in Paris seamlessly combines urban living and nature with its green facades, rainwater collection and diverse plant life. It’s a remarkable symbol of sustainable architecture and a beacon of hope for a greener future 🙌

In November 2016, Maison Edouard Francois (MEF), an architecture studio, unveiled their innovative creation known as the M6B2 Tower of Diversity. Situated on the southern bank of the River Seine in Paris, this remarkable apartment tower boasts a unique feature – lush vegetation gracefully climbing its exterior. The intentional spread of seeds from these plants aims to contribute to the greening of the city. The project serves as a powerful demonstration of the successful integration of plant and animal life within high-rise structures, paving the way for the development of eco-friendly cities.

The project team devised an innovative approach for the 16-storey tower’s facade. They implemented a double skin design, consisting of two distinct layers. The outer layer features stainless steel netting, carefully designed to serve as a supportive framework for climbing plants. As the wind gently sweeps through the tower, the plants’ seeds are dispersed across the city, contributing to the expansion of greenery. Meanwhile, the inner facade is adorned with recyclable green titanium panels that radiate a captivating shimmer when illuminated by sunlight, transforming the tower into a striking beacon. The choice of green colouring is a deliberate nod to the lush hues of moss, further enhancing the tower’s visual impact.

“Covered with plants from wild natural areas, our tower is a tool for seeding: it allows the wind to spread class-one purebred seeds into the urban environment,” said the Studio.

A truly innovative wonder of biodiversity! Shoutout to the many #buildingheroes involved in this magnificent project 🌍🌱

Maison Edouard François Arcadis BASE Landscape Architecture Paris Habitat 

📸: Pierre L’Excellent

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