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Manitoba Hydro Place | Winnipeg, Canada

In Canada lies an impressive exemplar of climate adaptation and ultimate human well-being in response to climate change 🌡️

The new headquarters of Manitoba Hydro, Manitoba Hydro Place, is a highly sustainable building that integrates innovative environmental concepts together with advanced technologies to achieve a dynamic “living building” that responds to the local climate.

The building is located in downtown Winnipeg, a city known for its extreme climate, with yearly temperatures ranging from -35ºC to +34ºC 🥵  Manitoba Hydro Place responds by providing passive free energy without compromise to design quality and, most importantly, human comfort.

Manitoba Hydro Place uses 70% less energy than a comparable office building of conventional design. Due to its outstanding environmental performance, Manitoba has over 10+ awards and was granted a Leed Platinum certification 🏆  by the Canada Green Building Council. What’s the reason? Let’s take a look at what it has to offer:


  • 3- and 6-storey atria functioning as solar collectors, air exchangers, air handlers, and air shafts;
  • South-facing winter gardens that warm the air entering the building;
  • Natural ventilation minimising the need for a forced-air circulation system:
  • Operable windows on the inner wall of the double façade adding to natural ventilation;
  • Higher ceilings maximising natural lighting and reducing lighting requirements;
  • Geothermal heat pump system warming the building in winter and cooling it in the summer;
  • Energy efficient lighting, pumps, and drives.


Take a bow, #buildingheroes!


Manitoba Hydro / CAGBC | Canada Green Building Council / KPMB Architects /Architecture49 Inc. / AECOM / Crosier Kilgour & Partners Ltd. / Halcrow Yolles / Transsolar KlimaEngineering / Prairie Architects Inc. / Bruce Kuwabara [KPMB] / Luigi LaRocca [KPMB] / John Peterson OAA FRAIC / Kael Opie [KPMB] / Lucy Timbers [KPMB] / Jim Yamashita [Arch 49] / Glen Klym [Arch 49] … and all others involved!

📸 : Gerry Kopelow

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