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Matrix ONE | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

It’s smart mobility month! We highlight the people behind a new building facilitating green transport like no other 🚲

Located in Amsterdam, Matrix ONE is a remarkable state-of-the-art building, brought to life by dedicated designers, architects, planners and more. Spanning over 3000 m² of cutting-edge laboratories and 7000 m² of advanced office spaces, this architectural gem offers a multitude of shared areas, including a charming rooftop bar, a collaborative co-working zone, a spacious restaurant and inviting indoor and outdoor terraces. The modern auditorium and meeting rooms provide the perfect backdrop for gatherings and events.

Situated at the heart of the campus, Matrix ONE is a cutting-edge and remarkably eco-friendly innovation building designed to foster collaboration and engagement. Notably, it will feature SustainaLab, an inspiring gathering spot created by the University of Amsterdam. SustainaLab serves as a collaborative space for researchers, businesses and government entities to jointly address the future of our planet and the revitalisation of natural cycles. With its exceptional combination of advanced offices, laboratories, spacious communal areas, and the inclusion of SustainaLab, Matrix ONE provides an ideal setting for technology companies with a focus on scientific advancements and sustainability 🌿

Acknowledged as an exceptional achievement, Matrix ONE boasts unparalleled sustainability with a remarkably low CO2 footprint. The remarkable efforts of the stakeholders are evident in its implementation of natural ventilation, smart technologies, HR++ glass in the façade, geothermal energy systems and a massive 1000 m² array of solar panels. Further promoting eco-friendly transportation, the building offers indoor bicycle parking with a capacity for 300 bikes, while all materials used are demountable for future projects. These collective endeavours have earned Matrix ONE the prestigious BREEAM Excellent certificate 🏆

Matrix ONE prioritises smart and sustainable mobility, healthy lifestyles and easy access to public transport. The strategic placement of the social stairway encourages physical activity over elevators, while a secondary entrance provides direct access to visible bicycle parking. This design promotes cycling as a greener alternative. Additionally, Matrix ONE integrates seamlessly with the surrounding transportation network, facilitating convenient public transport access.

Shout out to these and so many other incredible #buildingheroes that were involved in the making of this masterpiece!

Matrix Innovation Center MVRDV SustainaLab Leo le Duc Ivo Sweep Erik Versnel STONE22 Deerns Nederland Fedor Bron Mick van Gemert Roy Sieljes Fouad Addou Aneta Rymsza Andrea Manente Ievgeniia Koval Antonio Luca Coco Pavlos Ventouris Luana La Martina …and many more!

Photos: Daria SCAGLIOLA

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