Building heroes

Microsoft Sillicon Valley Campus in California, US

Microsoft goes net-zero carbon with its Silicon Valley Campus, merging the well-being of people and place! 🌎

Located in California, the Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus was driven by two factors – a difficult drought gripping the state, as well as an increase in business demand that pushed Microsoft to seek increased capacity.

The various #buildingheroes involved took an ambitious environmental outlook when designing the project, such as minimising and recycling waste, investing in a blackwater system and thermal storage, reducing carbon through the reuse of materials and mass timber as well as weaving wellness and community into every part of the building. The modernising of the campus also includes adding employee office spaces, software and hardware labs, amenities such as a conference center, company store, fitness center and a cafeteria.

What are the results of these efforts? Potable water is reduced by 57% and energy demand is also reduced by 55%, with almost all systems being fully electric – including fourth thermal energy storage tanks that help lower grid demand during non-peak cooling periods. The campus also features an expansive occupiable living roof and a series of highly accessible courtyards, along with movable walls, furniture and windows that allows for ultra-flexibility.

Innovation and sustainability going hand-in-hand! Well done, #buildingheroes 🏆

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