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One Central Park | Sydney, Australia

The building in Sydney is pushing the integration of nature and architecture to a whole new level! 🇦🇺🌱

Nestled beside Sydney’s vibrant CBD, One Central Park stands as a unique mixed-use building that harmoniously combines artistic vision, the natural world, and public benefit. It emerges as a distinct green presence, rising above the city’s surroundings. Amidst Sydney’s towering skyscrapers, this architectural gem serves as a beacon of sustainability, innovation, and natural beauty. Seamlessly blending nature with modernity, One Central Park’s strategic use of greenery played a crucial role in earning it the title of the Best Tall Building – Worldwide 2014.

Adorned with a diverse array of 250 native Australian flowers and plants, the building’s facade breathes life into the architecture. This innovative project features two distinct towers – a 34-storey residential tower and a 12-storey service tower, both poised atop a retail podium. Encompassing over 3,000 residents and spanning 65,000 sqm. of retail and commercial space, the development relies on a thermal tri-generation plant for its heating, cooling and power needs.

Planted balconies grace various levels of the building, while the facade is adorned with plant-covered walls that play a dual role in shading and cooling the interior apartments. This clever design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to substantial energy savings, especially during scorching summer months, with potential reductions of up to 30%. Remarkably, the project aligns seamlessly with the stringent criteria of the Australian Green Star, a hallmark of environmentally-conscious and energy-efficient residential construction.

Beyond its architectural prowess, One Central Park operates as a thriving community nucleus, nurturing social bonds and a feeling of inclusiveness. The project boasts an extensive range of conveniences, encompassing retail outlets, dining establishments, cafes and recreational zones. These inviting spaces form vital meeting points, offering residents and visitors alike a chance to forge connections, unwind, and bask in the lively ambiance.

“What we were trying to achieve with the precinct was to make sure it had a long-term plan that would allow it to adapt to changing circumstances,” said Stuart White of the Institute for Sustainable Futures. “Not only were we looking at energy and water use, we looked at social and cultural issues, we recommended greening of the buildings, we looked at the crossovers between water and energy use, and we recommended the project be designed with the future in mind,” he stated.

A proud embodiment of the work of all the #buildingheroes involved! Take a look at just some of the incredible stakeholders who were involved in the project:

Frasers Property Australia / Ateliers Jean Nouvel / Arup / University of Technology Sydney / Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) – Australia Chapter / Sekisui House Australia / Kerryn Wilmot

📸: Murray Fredericks / Simon Wood

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