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Vertikal Nydalen: from parking lot to vibrant, sustainable hub

Nydalen in Oslo is undergoing a transformation, and the building Vertikal Nydalen stands as a frontrunner.

This recently completed development integrates apartments, offices, and public spaces into a unique design, prioritising sustainability from the ground up.

A greener future, built-in

Vertikal Nydalen embraces a “triple zero” philosophy, aiming for net zero energy consumption, zero net emissions, and minimal waste throughout its entire lifespan. This translates to significant environmental benefits. By utilising geothermal wells reaching a staggering 1,200 metres deep, Vertikal Nydalen taps into the earth’s natural heat, dramatically reducing its reliance on traditional heating systems. Strategically placed solar panels further contribute to a sustainable future by converting sunlight into electricity to power the building’s systems.

The brains behind the brawn

Vertikal Nydalen wouldn’t be possible without the collaboration of multiple brilliant minds. Here’s a shout out to the key players involved:

  • Snøhetta Architects: This world-renowned architectural firm is the creative force behind Vertikal Nydalen’s innovative and sustainable design. The team comprises – amongst others – of:
    • Anne Cecilie Haug – senior architect and project lead
    • Heidi Pettersvold Nygaard – senior interior architect and project lead
    • Kjetil Trædal Thorsen – founding partner
    • Elaine Molinar – partner and managing director
    • Martin Gran – founding partner
  • LALA Tøyen: The landscape architects from LALA Tøyen played a vital role in designing the functional and aesthetically pleasing town square surrounding the building.
  • Engineering and technical teams: A collaborative effort from Multiconsult engineers, Skanska Teknikk engineers, and Heiberg og Tveter technical specialists ensured the building’s functionality, efficiency, and adherence to technical requirements.

A breath of fresh air (literally)

Vertikal Nydalen boasts a state-of-the-art natural ventilation system. This system intelligently circulates fresh air throughout the building, reducing reliance on mechanical ventilation and contributing to the building’s energy efficiency. This not only benefits the environment but also creates a healthier and more comfortable atmosphere for occupants.

Public space connector

Vertikal Nydalen does more than offer square footage. It breathes life into Oslo’s Nydalen district with a vibrant public square designed by LALA Tøyen landscape architects. This green space fosters a sense of community, offering a welcoming area for residents, office workers, and visitors to connect.

📸 credits: Lars Petter Pettersen

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