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Our Sustainability Challenges feature is live!

Release notes March  

Are you ready for a challenge? We are proud to let you know that we are! Starting in April, we cover a sustainability related topic each month. In that month you will get new insights, become inspired (perhaps even an expert) and we will challenge you to get your hands dirty by doing a challenge. 

How does it work? 

Sustainability is a big and serious topic. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun at the same time. With our monthly insights, inspiration and challenges, now everyone can (and wants to) engage with sustainably: your building, company, team, and colleagues. 

What are these challenges exactly, and why should you care? The following should summarize it:  

What are hello energy challenges? 

  • Each month, we’ll introduce a new sustainability topic that comes with a challenge.
  • All community members receive an invite to join the challenge. They can pick from multiple tasks to tailor their challenge to their liking.
  • All participants engage in these actions for 1 or 2 weeks 
  • In our online building community they can discuss progress, talk about hurdles, and motivate and inspire each other 
  • We inspire all participants too, with tips, fun facts and in-depth articles 
  • At the end of each challenge, we will share our collective impact

What’s in it for you? 

  • You show the world you really care 
  • You learn something new and inspiring every month 
  • You spark the conversation on sustainability 
  • You inspire others to put sustainability into practice 
  • You positively impact human and planetary health 
  • It’s a great way to be inspired, collaborate, motivate, discuss, question, and have fun 

What did we add since last time? 

If you’ve read our previous release note, you knew this already. So, you might be wondering: what’s new?! The past few weeks we worked hard on adding some extra’s to make the experience even better.  

A new rewards system

You will now be able to show off your achievements to others in your own profile. You will earn rewards by engaging in challenges and by being involved in the online conversation. 

Scan and join 

Joining and sharing a challenge is now easier. Just scan the QR on your narrowcasting screen, intranet or email and get started right away! 

Share your ambition 

You might want to inspire your employees and other building users with the sustainable things you are already doing yourself or planning to do in the future. Create and highlight your own articles and share your own ambition. 

How to get started 

You must be wondering by now: how do I join the fun? You can sign you organization, building or team up with these very simple steps:  

  1. Leave your contact details here so we can schedule a short demo
  2. Lean back and get inspired by us
  3. Ready to be challenged? Let’s plan a kick-off and get started!

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