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PARKROYAL in Singapore

Inspiration can be hard to find. If you take a look around the world, you may just find the perfect building that shows you anything is possible in sustainable real estate!

Located in central Singapore, the 367-room, 5-star hotel Parkroyal on Pickering showcases how we can preserve greenery in even the tallest of high-rise buildings in a busy urban centre – and do it in a way that is visually beautiful and sustainable. Designed as both a hotel and office, the building was completed in 2013 and has been dubbed Singapore’s most awarded sustainable hotel.

Not convinced? Its 13 awards and counting speak for themselves – and that includes Singapore’s Green Mark Platinum rating, the country’s top environmental certification 🏆

Accompanied by a Grade A office building, the hotel features 15,000 square metres of sky gardens, planter terraces, waterfalls and cascading vertical greenery. It also features passive aspects like naturally ventilated hallways, rain water retention, sun shading and solar-powered irrigation. However, the sustainability doesn’t stop there…

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of its #buildingheroes, Parkroyal goes even further – it also includes a central chiller system that is designed to maximise its operating efficiency through use of the property’s Building Management System. Furthermore, energy-efficient LED lamps and water efficient fittings were applied throughout the building. Most strikingly, flora species – from shade trees, tall palms, flowering plants to leafy shrubs and overhanging creepers – continue to inspire bio-diversity in the city. Solar panels on the roof also help to make Parkroyal arguably the world’s first Zero Energy Skygardens.

Shoutout to these incredible heroes!

📸:Patrick Bingham-Hall

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