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Do you want to establish a new data connection for hello energy? This page features everything technical consultants, experts and installers should know about implementing hello energy. Check whether your data format matches our requirements. Find more information below.

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Requirements for data partners

Brief explanation with reference to system requirements.

  • Availability: the data must be available at the latest the next day at 06:00 (local time)
  • Interval time: the data must be available at a fixed interval of 15 minutes
  • Timestamp: the data must be validated and provided with a time signature in UTC (00:00:00 (hh/mm/ss)
  • Time signature: explanation whether the data relates to the period prior to or following the timestamp
  • Unit and factor: the data’s unit and factor should be clear
  • Data type: it should be clear whether the provided data is a readout of the value at a certain point in tme, or the value difference between two consequent timestamps
  • Data format: value with 3 decimals
  • Data validation: the data is checked for validity. The supplier will indicate how this will be realised
  • Data labeling: to make sure the data is recognized correctly, data need to be labeled using a unique ID, consisting of: client, city, building id, source, location, unit (example: Prologis Tilburg DC5 Electricity, hall A, kWh -> “PLTBDC5ELhallAkWh”)

Supplying the data can be done through different channels. We support the below options:

  • using hello energy API to collect data from your side
  • using your API to send data to our endpoint
  • dropping data files (preferably .csv) to our FTP
  • sending emails with data files (in .csv attachments)

Our clients

Transforming to a more service-oriented offering, hello energy helps NSI to connect with tenants by focusing on sustainability.
Door verbinding te maken met vele slimme meters, heeft Patrizia haar GRESB-score verbeterd door zijn energieprestaties aan huurders te communiceren.
Connecting to each of its many smart meters, Patrizia has improved its GRESB score by communicating its energy achievements to its tenants.
Duurzaamheid is een van de kernwaarden van deze toonaangevende Nederlandse bank. De eigen gebouwen moeten aan hoge eisen voldoen en de Rabobank activeert haar vastgoedklanten om stappen te zetten naar groenere gebouwen. hello energy biedt bruikbare inzichten om gedrag te veranderen.
Sustainability is one of the core values of this leading Dutch bank. Its own buildings have to meet high demands, and Rabobank activates its real estate clients to take steps towards greener buildings. hello energy provides actionable insights to change behavior.
Deze marktleider in duurzame logistieke faciliteiten werkt met hello energy om een ​​overzicht op portfolioniveau te bieden en visualiseert zijn prestaties op het gebied van energie en duurzaamheid. Prologis ontwikkelt ook samen met de mensen achter hello energy nieuwe functies.

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