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PATRIZIA – Antonian | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Our definition of a work-life balance is always evolving. PATRIZIA is taking it to a whole new level with Antonian Amsterdam.

Antonian Amsterdam is a place that brings different people, talents and businesses together. By focusing on Work-Life balance, green and varied spaces with additional services and amenities create an inspiring living environment. This retrofitted building (the former office of Vroom & Dreesman) has been updated according to the latest sustainability standards.

hello energy is helping to engage tenants by showing the exact energy usage per room and sharing actionable tips to reduce their carbon footprint every day.

In recent years, the former business park has been transformed into a new city district for creative brands and entrepreneurs such as BMW, G-Star, Picnic, WeTransfer, Qmusic and Warner Bros, who all aspire to dynamic companies in an accessible location with great amenities.

Congratulations on this beautiful project!

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