Elevate your building's impact with hello energy

Measure and enhance your building’s environmental performance like never before by fostering community engagement and collecting data around sustainability. Discover the transformative power of our solution today. 

Inspire everyone with your cutting-edge green building

Your building is the culmination of your hard work and investment. Leverage its potential as an inspiring centre of environmental impact, showcasing its green performance on screens and inspire all users to do their part.

Create impact and communicate it to your investors, tenants and building users

Earn unique additional credits for certifications like GRESB, BREEAM and WELL by interacting with your stakeholders and communicating your efforts. Unlock the power of data to share insights about your building’s performance, provide tips and inspiring content and create a dialogue around sustainability.  

Build a thriving green community with hello energy

With hello energy‘s innovative community space, you can easily activate a dialogue around sustainability, share best practices and performance insights, and inspire your building users to reduce their environmental impact. Our fun and interactive behavioural challenges encourage participation and create a community of green ambassadors, driving real carbon and energy savings and genuine environmental impact. 

Get full ESG data coverage across your portfolio and create smarter buildings

Collect accurate and detailed utility data anywhere in Europe and collaborate with tenants to use it for positive impact. From sensors to sub- and smart meters, we help you get connected. Benchmark your building against industry standards and boost its performance. 

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