Data services

How do I maximise ESG data coverage across my real estate portfolio?

Get 100% utility data from your building(s) to benchmark against industry standards, improve investor value and meet your ESG goals. We help you get tenant authorisation to share and obtain data from meters (or make them smart!) anywhere, anytime. Unlock the power of data to begin inspiring and engaging your stakeholders. 

Enhance your connectivity through API and smart metering

Use our API integrations to connect to or extract data, or let us make your meters smart to retrieve utility data via API, FTP, email + .csv files or webWe can meet your technical needs. 

Reporting and insights to give you a competitive ESG advantage

Easily create and share sustainability performance reports of all your data based on filters such as a specific time, data stream or data from a specific utility. 

Building the route to multi-stakeholder engagement

Data is a means to an end. Go further than pure energy management by engaging your stakeholders with challenges, stories, actionable insights, tips, smart mobility information and so much more. 

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