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sustainable month hello energy

This October, we’re dedicated to bringing additional awareness to sustainability. Of course, every day is a good day to be energy conscious, but the urgency is now bigger than ever given the global climate and developments in the energy market. But no reason to be sad. After all, we can still do a lot of actions ourselves to preserve and further develop a beautiful world. 💚 Why have we chosen October as sustainability month? We have some good reasons for that: 

  • Several countries reflect on energy efficiency in October; 
  • Autumn has begun. It’s getting colder, heaters are going back on and gas demand is increasing worldwide. A good moment to create awareness and be conscious of our energy; 
  • The energy bills of companies (and households) are rising worldwide. Energy efficiency is the way to get a grip on the energy bill in this period. Tenants are important factors in this process and hello energy wants to inspire them with interesting facts and stories.   

What to expect? 

  • We give you an insight into the lives of our hello energy colleagues. How do they engage sustainability in their lives? We came to the positive conclusion that the bar is high…. 
  • We invite our colleagues to participate in green challenges. Think of eating vegan or commuting to work via public transport. We are curious to see how this positive, green behavior affects our colleagues! 
  • Interesting polls about sustainability. Make sure you follow our LinkedIn account. And participate! We would love to know your opinion!  
  • And much more…  


About those sustainable days 

In October, several countries pay attention to the importance of sustainability through days they dedicate specifically to this topic. Which sustainability days can you expect this month?

– 5th of October: Energy Efficiency Day in the US  

One clear message: “Save Money. Cut Pollution. Create Jobs.” This annual awareness event has been supported by hundreds of prominent organizations, companies, government agencies, and others. Energy efficiency is the cheapest, quickest way to meet global energy needs, cut consumer bills and reduce pollution; 

– 10th of October: sustainability day in The Netherlands 

With a special focus on education. Because you can’t start creating awareness early enough.  

– 13th of October: European Energy Efficiency Day 

During this conference, policymakers from all over Europe come together to work on a sustainable European energy future. 


Did we miss an important date? We would love to hear from you! In the meantime, keep an eye on our LinkedIn and enjoy the sustainable October month 🌱😊 

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