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Tenant story: Stibbe

hello energy is all about getting stakeholders to work together towards a common goal: to create green buildings. We believe tenants must collaborate with landlords to achieve specific sustainability targets, with benefits going to both parties. In this blog, we dive into the story of one of these tenants, their sustainability ambitions and how they use hello energy to go further than ever before.

Stibbe is a leading, independent, international law firm with main offices in Amsterdam, Brussels and Luxembourg, and a branch office in London, providing the highest quality service in legal advice, transactions and litigation. Sustainability has become an increasingly important topic for the firm, and having its workforce embrace sustainability and become a more active contributor to its mission is a key part of its programme. Stibbe is collaborating with hello energy to connect and visualise key sustainability data on the screens in the main entrance and conference floors of its BREEAM-certified Amsterdam office.

We spoke to Herbert Bergman, Facilities Coordinator at Stibbe, to tell us how they have used hello energy to activate their employees to adopt a more engaged attitude towards sustainability.

Because of hello energy, we have the possibility to showcase our green efforts to our colleagues by uploading digestible utility data onto our narrowcasting screens in the main entrance. It is especially helpful since it translates the raw, technical data into information that anyone in the building can understand and relate to in an easy way.

Herbert Bergman


According to Herbert, about two to three years ago, there was very little interest in the matter as Stibbe’s employees did not relate their everyday experience of the building to the broader issue of sustainability. With global events like the COVID pandemic and the war in Ukraine, they are now caring more about the environment and energy usage more generally, a topic that – literally and figuratively – hits home. With help from hello energy, Stibbe has amplified this awareness even more:

“We notice this in the behaviour of people, with colleagues asking us questions about and actively coming up with solutions to sustainability-related problems. They want to think with us instead of just consuming our information – they are really more engaged!” says Herbert.

For Stibbe, maintaining their BREEAM certification in their Amsterdam office is also a major priority. By displaying sustainability data on the screen and communicating their efforts consistently to clients and colleagues alike, hello energy is helping them to do exactly that.

Stibbe’s approach is a wonderful story of how creating a dialogue about sustainability with a building’s users can create meaningful change and can produce a community of building heroes who truly want to make an impact together.

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📷: Dura Vermeer/Jorrit Lousberg

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