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The Enterprise Centre | Norwich, UK

The Enterprise Centre

Take a gander at the efforts of the stakeholders behind one of the most sustainable buildings in the world! 🌍

Tucked away in the charming embrace of the University of East Anglia, The Enterprise Centre proudly stands as the United Kingdom’s eco-champion, proving that collaboration and sustainable innovation go hand in hand. With a nod from the media as the greenest building in the UK, this architectural gem doesn’t just shine – it dazzles. And it’s all thanks to the relentless dedication of a group of visionaries who share a common goal: to make the world a greener, more responsible place.

The Enterprise Centre isn’t just any building; it’s a masterpiece of sustainability. With dual certifications in Passivhaus and BREEAM Outstanding, it’s like the gold standard of eco-friendly construction. This green giant excels in energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and, of course, its use of sustainable materials.

At its heart, The Enterprise Centre is more than bricks and mortar. It’s a springboard for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Graduates fresh from the academic research programme and those buzzing around the Norwich Research Park find themselves in a nurturing environment where their entrepreneurial dreams take flight. This hub provides the essential resources, from open-plan offices to incubation and hatchery space for research and development. It’s the launchpad for the University’s Low Carbon MBA and graduate development and entrepreneurship programs, and it’s changing the game.

The Enterprise Centre isn’t just a pretty face; it’s eco-conscious to the core. It’s all about Norfolk flint, straw, timber, hemp fabric, re-processed glass, repurposed mahogany benches, reclaimed oak, clay plaster and nettle boards. All these local materials are like a love letter to Norfolk, reducing the carbon footprint while paying homage to the surroundings.

Ecology is the building’s best friend. Think insect hotels, bat and bird boxes, and display bed terraces. These are like the icing on the cake, enhancing the ecological value. And let’s not forget about the meticulous waste management and recycling nodes. Water-saving sanitaryware and rainwater reuse for flushing are all part of the eco-package. Say goodbye to active mechanical cooling, thanks to low NOx heating and sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS).

But what truly sets The Enterprise Centre apart is the spirit of teamwork and a shared vision. The project’s bold move to embrace indigenous materials and support local suppliers, contractors, and craftspeople gives this building a personality that’s uniquely Norfolk. It’s a blend of local talent and cutting-edge sustainable tech, and the result is nothing short of remarkable.

In the words of John French, CEO at Adapt Low Carbon Group, “You have to bring in a really top team to achieve such an ambitious project. I’m glad to say we achieved what we set out to do, and it’s setting probably the highest standard in Britain and Europe for environmental performance. I think we’ve managed to achieve a great building, and we’ve done it with a great team.”

A true testament to the value of collaboration in creating a greener future!

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The Enterprise Centre

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