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Tokyo’s green twist: The Toshima Ward Office

This is not your typical government building. Designed by Kengo Kuma & Associates, the Toshima Ward Office cleverly combines everyday needs with a focus on the environment.

The award-winning architecture firm believes buildings should complement their surroundings, not clash with them. That’s exactly what they achieved with the Toshima Ward Office. It’s a multi-purpose space that houses offices, apartments, and a public vertical garden. Actually, it’s Japan’s very first multi-purpose space that is both a government building and condominium. 

Meet the team

Behind every great project is a strong team. In this case, we’re referring to:

  • Kengo Kuma & Associates (architects): Responsible for design.
  • Nihon Sekkei (architects): Responsible for design, collaborating with Kengo Kuma & Associates.
  • Architectural Lighting Group (ALG) (Lighting Design): Ensured both beautiful and functional lighting.
  • Taisei Corporation (Construction): Transformed the architects’ vision into a reality.
  • Landscape Plus (Exterior Design)
  • TERADA Design

Nature meets City

The Toshima Ward Office, nicknamed “The Forest for the Tree” stands out for its unique design. Just like a real tree, it’s wider at the base and tapers towards the top. This connection with nature extends to the building’s outer wall, known as the “Eco Veil”. This system incorporates layers of recycled wood panels, providing fresh air and shade. It also features solar panels that capture the sun’s energy. But the Eco Veil has another clever feature: dedicated spaces for plants to grow. Over time, these will transform the exterior into a thriving vertical garden.

A Park on the 10th Floor

However, the true “Toshima no Mori” (Forest of Toshima) is a separate public park located on the 10th floor of the building. This rooftop garden offers residents, office workers, and visitors a chance to experience some green within an urban environment, complete with plants, a stream (yes, really!), and an incredible view of the city.

📸 credits: © Kawasumi·Kobayashi Kenji Photograph Office

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