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Trudo Vertical Forest | Netherlands

Trudo vertical forest

This building tackles the double crisis of biodiversity and affordable housing in one elegant, impactful stroke! 🌿

Seven years after the inauguration of the world-famous Bosco Verticale in Milan, the very first social housing Vertical Forest in the world was built in Eindhoven, the Netherlands – the Trudo Vertical Forest. A 19-storey residential tower (70 meters high) with 135 trees of various species on each of its four facades – along with 10,000 shrubs and other small plants – the Trudo Vertical Forest hosts 125 affordable apartments designed to accommodate primarily low-income users, especially young couples.

“Ultimately, everything in this project was new, both for us and for Stefano Boeri and Stam + De Koning. This takes a lot of guts and experimentation to find out how to make this dream come true. I think that with the Trudo Toren we have been able to make a statement regarding the current construction situation in the Netherlands,” said Aron Bogers, director at Inbo.

Going even further, a green project group was set up at an early stage for the ambitious project. With the input of expertise from various disciplines, these #buildingheroes jointly set up various tests, discussed suitable tree species and trees were prepared early for on-site regrowth. The many inspiring stakeholders involved in the project focussed on generating a new green habitat within the metropolitan environment for the development of biodiversity. A real ecosystem with over 70 unique plant species, capable of counteracting air pollution, absorbing CO2 and dust, is an expression of a new design paradigm in which vegetation becomes an integral part of architectural language 🌱

A true team effort made possible only by the collaboration of forward thinkers! 🌟

Trudo Francesca Cesa Bianchi Paolo Russo Giulia Chiatante Lorenzo Masotto Elisa Versari Reynaers Aluminium Nederland Laura Gatti Van den Berk Nurseries Thieu Pije Arno van Tilburg

📸: paolo rosselli

#sustainability #biodiversity #greenbuildings #realestate #netzerocarbon

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