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Tufts University Science and Engineering Complex


Building a sustainable future requires putting minds and resources together to innovate. This building does that, and so much more ⚡

The Tufts University Science and Engineering Complex (SEC), located in Medford, Massachusetts (USA), was developed on a steeply sloped site and creates space for interdisciplinary research in biology, environmental science, and neuroscience. It connects two historic buildings, creating a community-focussed and high-tech hub for open communication and cross-pollination. The result? A masterful combination of research and teaching space to spur cross-departmental collaborations in an eco-friendly way  🌱

Rather than relocate or demolish one of the significant historic buildings on the site, a smaller addition was introduced that strengthens the existing buildings through adaptive reuse, creating an integrated complex. The complex expands the university’s science and engineering facilities, adding over 4,367 sqm of laboratories, classrooms and other facilities. The flexible design allows for the addition of more laboratory or collaborative space as demand grows over time.


The project achieves excellent standards of sustainable green design and efficient long-term facility operations. With a LEED Gold certification, SEC boasts several achievements powered by its #buildingheroes. These include ambitious low-energy strategies driven by a hydronic-based HVAC system coupled with a high-tech heat recovery system, while offices can be naturally ventilated; all this resulting in a 77% reduction in energy usage over a typical laboratory building. Furthermore, SEC has a stormwater management system as well as native, low-maintenance plant species selected to minimise the need for irrigation, along with a rain sensor to reduce wasteful water use and overwatering.

Only possible through the shared efforts of the people involved in the making of this beauty! 

Tufts University Payette George Marsh Kevin Sullivan Robert Paserky Sum Yee Diana Tsang Megan van der Linde Mary Gallagher Andrea Love David Hamel The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Turner Construction Company Andropogon Associates, Ltd. Nitsch Engineering van Zelm Heywood & Shadford, Inc. Simpson Gumpertz & Heger (SGH) Joshua Kivela, P.E. Pedro Sifre Michael Louis

📸 : chuck choi

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