Building heroes

V.Offices | Kraków, Poland

How do you become a model of sustainability for others to follow? In one of Europe’s most polluted cities, these #buildingheroes are showing us how it’s done 💪

From the outset, investors AFI Europe Poland wanted to create an exceptionally efficient and healthy building as an inspiration for the Polish real estate market. Boasting a BREEAM Official score of 98.87%, V.Offices, located in Kraków, Poland, is the most efficient office building in the country and one of the most sustainable offices in the world. We’d say mission accomplished! ✅

The list of eco-friendly features of V.Offices seems almost endless. Just to scratch the surface…

🚴‍♀️ A car sharing system, EV charging systems and biking facilities to motivate building users to use alternative ways of commuting with minimal air pollution. The building houses 14 electric car chargers and over 180 bike racks and lockers.

💧 Water saving fittings, a rainwater recovery system and an optimisation system to reduce water consumption by roughly 55%

⚡ Energy-efficient elevators, energy-saving lighting systems both indoors and outside, as well as solar panels supporting the building’s energy systems with renewable energy. V.Office‘s high energy efficiency is also due to excellent insulation and installation systems.

Inspirational work!

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