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We are proud to introduce our newest feature: hello energy community

Release building community

For years, hello energy has been providing building owners, property managers, tenants and building users with insights into their energy use. The hello energy community lets you turn those insights into action.

Engage in conversation and move towards net zero

Creating sustainable (or even net zero) buildings requires everyone on board. The hello energy community activates everyone involved in a building to create a sustainable place, by allowing them to interact with each other on one platform.

Owners, property managers, tenants and building users share knowledge, discuss ideas on making the building more sustainable and talk about the progress that’s been made.

With the hello energy community, acting together becomes possible

Since this interaction takes place on the same platform that shows your building’s energy use, you can immediately see the results of your efforts. Which is a fantastic motivator!

But there is more! Be inspired by hello energy

hello community is not only a space for dialog. It’s also a space for being inspired.

Throughout the years hello energy has gathered a great wealth of knowledge on sustainability and greening your building. We gladly share our actionable insights on the hello community

This way everyone involved knows how to take action. Did you know for example that turning the thermostat down with just 1-degree Celsius saves around 8% in heating costs?

And share your sustainability ambitions

Don’t make your ambitions your best kept secret. Share them with your community! Did you know that employees are more loyal to companies that enable them to be part of sustainable solutions? 

The option to share sustainability ambitions is one of the reasons why the hello energy community has been welcomed with great enthusiasm by landlords and tenants alike.

Show the world you care

Make your sustainability community part of your approach towards becoming net zero. And don’t forget to tell the world about the progress you’re making.

To summarize

The hello energy community is the place for:

  • Dialog: all building stakeholders engage in conversation with each other
  • Inspiration: we share our knowledge and advice on sustainability via the community, and we allow you to share your sustainability ambitions and progress
  • Fun: well, we’ve got another feature for you in store that’s going to be a whole lot of fun: Sustainability Challenges!

It’s not a coincidence that dialog, inspiration, and fun are hello energy’s three pillars for sustainability success.

What’s next?

As part of the hello energy community, we’ll launch sustainability challenges. Bring your and our sustainability ideas into practice, together with your building and our other clients.

Curious to join our very first challenge? Pre-register here!

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