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WELL certification: earn credits for your assessment

Would you like to improve well-being, health and get a higher score on your WELL assessment in your building? hello energy is here to help you achieve your goals! We collect, analyse and visualise your energy data. With these actionable insights, you can gain control over your building performance, share your sustainable achievements and engage your tenants and visitors on a daily basis towards net-zero goals.

Well certification

WELL has ten concepts: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Movement, Thermal Comfort, Sound, Materials, Mind, and Community. Each concept is comprised of features with distinct health intents. Features are either preconditions or optimisations. Buildings have to fulfill precondition requirements first before they can score on optimisations. Using hello energy, you can measure, rate, and visualize your building’s performance. Our tool allows you to meet preconditions, as well as score up to 5 points for optimisations (5 out of 100). 

Using hello energy contributes to a high WELL score. For this we have API-connections, sensors, feeds and animations available. Especially on these WELL characteristics:


  • A01 Air Quality, Part 5: Measure Air Parameters (Preconditions)
  • A08 Air Quality Monitoring and Awareness, Part 1: Install Indoor Air Monitors (1 pt)
  • A08 Air Quality Monitoring and Awareness, Part 2: Promote Air Quality Awareness (1 pt)
  • N04 Food Advertising, Part 1: Optimize Food Advertising (1 pt)
  • T06 Thermal Comfort Monitoring, Part 1: Monitor Thermal Environment (1 pt)
  • M01 Mental Health Promotion, Part 1: Promote Mental Health and Well-being (Preconditions)
  • C01 Health and Well-Being Promotion, Part 1: Provide WELL Feature Guide (Preconditions)
  • C04 Occupant Survey, Part 1: Select Project Survey (Preconditions)
  • C07 Enhanced Health and Well-Being Promotion, Part 1: Promote Culture of Health (1 pt, partly)

WELL & hello energy

Hi, we are hello energy 😀 hello energy is smart software to make buildings more sustainable. With daily insights into energy consumption, we can help you boost the performance of your building and create net-zero real estate in all of Europe.

WELL and hello energy agree that communicating and activating visitors and users of a building makes all the difference.

Our clients

We have been working on WELL projects for years, with organisations like Prologis, Hercuton, Syntrus Achmea, Bouwinvest and IMPACT. They are already aware of our positive influence on a WELL assessment. Are you next?

Transforming to a more service-oriented offering, hello energy helps NSI to connect with tenants by focusing on sustainability.
Connecting to each of its many smart meters, Patrizia has improved its GRESB score by communicating its energy achievements to its tenants.
Sustainability is one of the core values of this leading Dutch bank. Its own buildings have to meet high demands, and Rabobank activates its real estate clients to take steps towards greener buildings. hello energy provides actionable insights to change behavior.
This market leader in sustainability logistics facilities works with hello energy to provide a portfolio-level overview and visualises its energy and sustainability achievements. Prologis also co-develops new features with the people behind hello energy.
This investment company has sustainability in its genes. Bouwinvest ranks high when it comes to corporate social responsibility. Together with hello energy, they visualise energy and sustainability in their buildings.
As a market leader in property consultancy, CBRE dares to take responsibility for sustainability. Choosing PropTech like hello energy lowers their environmental impact and helps contribute to a better future.

The 5 benefits of hello energy

hello energy is currently available in more than 13 countries and 600 buildings. This is how we create value:

Engage your audience with actionable insights
Improve your investor value & tenant experience
Earn credits for multiple green building certifications
Boost your building’s performance
Unlock the power of data

About WELL

The WELL Building Standard is the world’s leading certification program on well-being. It revolutionizes the way people think about buildings. WELL explores how design, operations and behaviors within the spaces where we live, work, learn, and play can be optimized to advance human health and well-being. Covering ten core concepts of health and hundreds of features, WELL is a flexible building standard and represents the future of modern design.