Sustainability meets engagement

Stakeholders play a crucial role in getting your real estate to net-zero carbon. hello energy helps you engage them on this pathway. With our software, everyone will truly want to become part of your sustainability journey; whether it’s asset managers, property managers, tenants or visitors.

Want to go net zero but don't know how to get there?

That’s simply impossible without involving others.
hello energy gives you impactful ways to change the way your building and the people in it perform – such as rich and actionable insights, surveys and feedback mechanisms, and inspiring and fun challenges that will spark behavioral change.

Connect, Collect, Engage

First, we help you start a conversation with your stakeholders. Secondly, we help you collect sustainability information from your building and its users. Your sustainable achievements and performance become the source of engagement, valuable insights and a trigger for behavioural change.

Our vision

Imagine a building that contributes positively to human health and wellbeing. A building that minimises its impact on the environment, while maximising sustainability, now and in the future. With hello energy, everyone can learn about your building’s many innovative features and is actively involved in reducing its carbon footprint every day.

People gathering in office sustainable dashboard

Plug and play

hello energy is easy to implement and is offered as a SaaS solution (software as a service). Collect your data, connect it to our platform and start engaging your stakeholders in making a real impact. If you want us to assist you in creating data connections, or adding screens for extra visibility, feel free to inquire about our service packages.

Our clients

Transforming to a more service-oriented offering, hello energy helps NSI to connect with tenants by focusing on sustainability.
Connecting to each of its many smart meters, Patrizia has improved its GRESB score by communicating its energy achievements to its tenants.
Sustainability is one of the core values of this leading Dutch bank. Its own buildings have to meet high demands, and Rabobank activates its real estate clients to take steps towards greener buildings. hello energy provides actionable insights to change behavior.
This market leader in sustainability logistics facilities works with hello energy to provide a portfolio-level overview and visualises its energy and sustainability achievements. Prologis also co-develops new features with the people behind hello energy.
This investment company has sustainability in its genes. Bouwinvest ranks high when it comes to corporate social responsibility. Together with hello energy, they visualise energy and sustainability in their buildings.
As a market leader in property consultancy, CBRE dares to take responsibility for sustainability. Choosing PropTech like hello energy lowers their environmental impact and helps contribute to a better future.

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